Stay safe with xZAR...

We have ensured that xZAR is safe to use even in the most demanding business environments.

However, like with anything in life, you need to have a basic understanding and take a few security measures to ensure your funds remain safe.

Here are some simple things to understand...

Make sure your crypto is safe!

xZAR is like any crypto currency and the onus is on the user to ensure that your wallet, passwords and private keys are securely managed and never given to any one else. If you follow basic security steps your crypto will always remain secure and more importantly remain yours! If someone gets your passwords, private keys, or even your phone, they could steal your funds.

Always make sure you are using the correct contract address Ethereum ERC-20: "0x48f07301e9e29c3c38a80ae8d9ae771f224f1054" or Polygon network: 0x30DE46509Dbc3a491128F97be0aAf70dc7Ff33cB when dealing with xZAR. This will ensure that you are using the real token and that it has value!

Never send funds to these addresses as your money will be lost, they are only to be used to identify xZAR on the respective networks!

Please make sure that you have backed up and can restore your wallet in case you lose your wallet or phone. If you back up your private keys or the 12 or 24 mnemonic phrase words you can normally restore your wallet and funds. The wallet password does not normally work as a back up!
If you lose your wallet and xZAR tokens you will lose your money!

... start today, be the master of your own money ...