Proof of Reserve Report from leading auditing firm confirms xZAR is fully backed by Rand

Nov 2021

Mazars, a leading international audit, tax and advisory firm with deep crypto sector specialist skills, has completed the xZAR ‘proof of reserve report’ confirming that each xZAR token is fully backed with South African Rand.

To view our proof of reserve report click here...

xZAR on Polgon mainnet

July 2021

xZAR is is now on the Polygon (formaly knowen as Matic) mainnet.

xZAR can be deposited and withdrawen on the Polygon network via

xZAR can also be moved to the Polygon network via Polygon bridge which can be found at

The xZAR contract address is 0x30DE46509Dbc3a491128F97be0aAf70dc7Ff33cB NEVER send funds to this address as they will be lost, it is only to be used to identify xZAR on the Polygon network!

The main reason this is such an important upgrade to the xZAR token is now you can trade xZAR via this layer two solution on exchanges like Quickswap with extremly low fees...


May 2018

xZAR is a stable coin pegged 1:1 with the South African Rand (ZAR).

This multi-use ERC-20 token has quickly become South Africa's preferred stable coin.

The uses for xZAR are only limited but ones imagination, you can use this coin with the full assurance that you will always be able to quickly convert it back into Rands (ZAR) via South Africa's premier crypto and gold exchange.

Created in May 2018 xZAR has become South Africa's most trusted stable coin...

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