Getting started with xZAR...

The uses for xZAR are limited only by the imagination

If you are looking for a fast, easy, and secure method to move funds around the corner or around the country xZAR makes this all possible.

A school fete or a large enterprise can seamlessly integrate this solution to ensure payments are secure.


While it would be impossible to even consider all the possible use cases for the xZAR token we are going to walk you through the basic getting started procedure.

Choosing a wallet

Before you can get xZAR tokens you will need a wallet. In the app store (both apple and android) you will have the choice of many wallets. Make sure that you get a wallet that is ERC-20 compatible and secure. Most Ethereum (ETH) wallets are compatible.

Getting your xZAR token to show in your wallet is a simple yet important step. Most wallets work something like this, you click "Add custom token"

You will then be asked for three things:

Token Contract Address: 0x48f07301e9e29c3c38a80ae8d9ae771f224f1054
Token Symbol: XZAR
Decimals: 18 (This is not always requested)
Make sure you save or add your entry and you good to go...

Getting the xZAR token

The easiest way to get the xZAR token is to deposit Rand into AltCoinTrader and simply withdraw the token to your external wallet. Click the withdraw button on the AltCoinTrader platform and then choose crypto currency then withdraw xZAR. Now you have funds in your wallet and are ready to make payments.

Making and receiving payments

Once you have funded your wallet as above you are ready to make payments. It is very simple to pay anyone, simply open your wallet and click pay/send or the little "out arrow" (all wallets work slightly diffrently but it should be easy to figure out) scan the other persons wallet and click send.

Getting paid is just as easy, simply open your wallet click receive, or the little "in arrow" depending on your wallet, hold up your wallet to be scanned.

It's worth noting that you can also pay and receive funds remotely by sending your xZAR address via email, WhatsApp or any other manner.

As a xZAR address is an ethereum address you should be aware that you will need a very small amount of ethereum(ETH) in your wallet to pay the sending fees.

Completing the cycle or cashing out

At any stage you have the right to exchange your xZAR for Rands. This is a simple procedure if done via AltCoinTrader

This is the procedure:
Create a free AltCoinTrader account
Deposit your xZAR into your AltCoinTrader wallet
Withdraw Rands(ZAR) to your bank account

... cut out the middle man, let peer to peer payments begin ...